KIT 4000 EN

BLS srl
via dei Giovi, 41 20032 Cormano MI
+39 02 39310212 / 66200473


Kits includes: BLS 4000 S half mask (size S/M) and BLS 200 series twin filters
- 4 filter combinations
- re-sealable bag
- ready to use

BLS 4100

CODE 8002072

BLS 4000 S + A2 filters + P2 NR prefilters
Applications: spray painting, resin product factory, ship building, chemical processes, agriculture and automotive in the presence of noxious dust.

BLS 4400

CODE 8002073

BLS 4000 S + ABEK1P3 R filters
Applications: chemical processes or where a complete filter is required for both gas/vapour as well as toxic dust.

BLS 4500

CODE 8002066

BLS 4000 S + P3 R filters
Applications: asbestos removal, stainless steel welding, processing in the presence of toxic dust.

BLS 4600

CODE 8002074

BLS 4000 S + A2P3 R filters
Applications: spray painting, resin products factory, shipbuilding, chemical processes, agriculture, automotive and wood processing in the presence of toxic dust.



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